What do the NBC BioShelters protect against?

NBC BioShelters provide "Near-Absolute Protection" against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare agents. They also are seismic resistant to greater than Mag 8.0 and above- ground models are wind resistant to greater than 550mph, so offer almost complete protection from tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons. They protect against ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMP). Our Mil-Spec units can be designed to resist missiles, bombs and even bunker busting bombs. Security is paramount.

How much does an NBC BioShelter cost?

All NBC BioShelters are completely custom designed and engineered, although the core technologies remain the same. The basic structural design can be added to seamlessly to afford the additional protection and amenities desired by the client.

Can they be built above ground, or strictly underground?

NBC BioShelters can be fabricated in at least three different manners, depending on varying site conditions: Underground; Partially underground and mounded over; or Above grade and mounded over with 10' of dirt.

How strong are the NBC BioShelters ?

The NBC BioShelters are the inherently the strongest structures ever built. They actually get stronger as more force is applied to them. Wind rated to 550mph and seismic rated in excess of Mag 8.0 earthquake.

Is an NBC BioShelter sustainable?

Yes, NBC BioShelters are sustainable, extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly, with a negative environmental impact. NBC BioShelters are self-contained ecosystems that not only generate their own pristine water and air, but also their own organic food and energy.

Our suite of integrated technologies have gone through many stages of technological evolution since we invented and designed our original BioDome in 1978.

How does the NBC BioShelter relate to Anti-aging, Tissue and Organ Regeneration?

As opposed to the Cold War mentality of building catastrophe shelters and underground bunkers that sat empty for years, we have developed the de facto  global standard for anti-aging, tissue and organ regeneration, utilizing the NBC BioShelters for environmental medical use 24/7/365. Our condotel business system allows for an owner to place a condo into the leasing pool and derive revenues from their investment, if they so choose. The condo is then used as an EMU for convalescence and rehab during therapy, which typically takes about 8 weeks for brain regeneration.

Do you sign NDA's with your clients?

Yes, most of our projects are under strict NDA, offering confidentiality to our clients and to location.

Is an NBC BioShelter suitable for a person with environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivities or electrical hyper-sensitivities?

Yes, each NBC BioShelter is custom designed using our patented technologies as an EMU for EI patients with MCS and EHS.

Although many pundits have advised against building underground due to concerns with mold, we have no problems whatsoever with mold due to our environmental building system.

Our proprietary active HVAC mechanical system, called an EnviroConditioner (since 1994), controls every parameter of indoor air quality, including temperature, relative humidity, particulate matter, VOC levels of most molecular weights, oxygen content and CO² levels.

Are there any communities being planned?

Yes, we have multiple communities currently in planning and design phase. We are also in dialogue with several other land owners. One is very close to Manhattan, one close to San Francisco.

We only select from premium properties with certain geological features in close proximity to major metro areas. Please take a look at our Portfolio page.


Do you build NBC BioShelters only in the US?

No, we have built in many suitable locations around the world over the years.

Do you offer financing and the ability to generate income to offset the cost of ownership?

Yes, our Condotel structure allows the owners to participate in the leasing pool and derive income from their investment, if they so desire. We have used this structure on past projects and it has worked extremely well. Our condotel management will take all the hassles out of ownership and provide longterm rental income.