Bio-GymTM is a commercial hyperbaric gymnasium and wellness center operated on a corporate or franchise basis, providing a fee-for-use or membership access.  The proprietary environmental building system provides pristine air quality with 100% supplemental oxygen and barometric pressure increased up to 1.7 ATA resulting in hyper-oxygenation of the body tissues.  This has been proven to dramatically enhance the efficiency of any workout or rehabilitation activity. The facility may also include office suites for a variety of health professionals, therapists, and franchise opportunities for organic restaurants, smoothie bars, and attached “green” hotel which controls every parameter of indoor air quality including particulate and volatile organic compound removal, pathogenic sterilization, and active humidity control.

Over 23,000 articles written about hyperbaric oxygen therapy discuss the possibility of health benefits, including a potential in the field of Autism.  Obviously, most special needs children will not willingly get into a small tube, although they will love to visit the Bio-Gym™’s indoor playground.  Professional and collegiate athletes also understand the competitive edge and advantage that training, conditioning, and rehabilitation in an oxygen-rich hyperbaric environment provide.

Bio-GymTM will also implement a special program, utilizing proprietary applications of electronic technology, to reach out to the elderly and others whose special needs keep them home-bound, providing a multitude of services to enhance their quality of life.  While the Bio-GymTM may provide a variety of  health benefits, Bio-International makes no affirmative representations other than the  inherent benefits that may be derived from exercising in a clean hypoallergenic, hyperbaric oxygen-rich, environment…

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