Our Philosophy

Having been in business since 1978, we are dedicated to Environmental Health. Our integrated systems are designed to provide Pristine Indoor Air Quality, irrespective of location, and to maximize the health and longevity of the organisms inhabiting our ecological niche, in this case you and your family.

Our Story

I invented and patented these comprehensive suites of integrated environmental buildings systems for me. Growing up on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, I was plagued with chronic and debilitating allergies year-round. Working my way through college, I started working in the offshore oil industry in 1972, and became severely chemically sensitive, which compounded my other health issues.

Living in the slums around LSU in Baton Rouge that they called "Student Housing," the poor indoor air quality made my sensitivities dramatically worse, leading to severe ADHD and chronic allergies and sinus headaches. Being a natural-born scientist, I recognized that I reacted to varying degrees predicated upon which buildings or houses that I entered.

The doctors and medical specialists, then and now, were practically useless, because they only looked at symptoms and didn't understand the etiology, much less how to eliminate the problem. There was no body of evidence to support my empirical observations in 1972, just some nascent comments about "sick building syndrome" scattered about, so I began developing a solution set that worked for me, allowing me to at least function.

Research into the relationship of aging to environment for a research paper in 1976 culminated in a ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Our self-contained ecosystem, called the BioDome by Anthrotecture, Inc, was invented and designed in 1978.

Studying neurobiology in the early 80's led down the path of how "primitive organisms" can control the brain of mammalian hosts, leading to how the gut microbiome controls thought, as well as controlling the immune system, brain chemistry and hormone balances.

Welcome to the world of environmental illness, and the comprehensive solution set and understanding of human physiology required to control it.


Meet the Team


Merrel Holley

Founder & CEO

Anti-aging, Tissue and Organ Regeneration

Began developing environmental building systems as medical devices to normalize immunological responses, epigenetic gene expression (based on the study of Lamark, prior to the term "Epigenetics"), and elimination of systemic inflammation, in 1976.  Our EMU's (Environmental Medical Units) feature pristine indoor air quality (IAQ) and water quality.

When I grow up, I fancy my specialty to be stem cell biology and epigenetic regulation of gene expression. These are the Holy Grails of biology.


Eric Bringhurst, MD

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Chief Medical Officer


Specialist in Environmental Medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Mills Rooks

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Chief Financial Officer

With over 40 years in the financial services sector, Mills brings his investment banking expertise to capitalize projects

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